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2023 Spring Semester

Application fee: Waived!

Class Cost Per Semester (due January 2023)

In-person: $1,249

In-person and Online: $1,549




Students must pay their first semester of tuition in full by August 1, 2021.


In case of emergency, please list a family member or persons we can contact.


Please list and describe them.
Please list them and medications used for the above conditions and when they were last used.

Character And Integrity

At The Altar School, we value character and integrity and seek to establish a culture that emphasizes the need to walk in a manner worthy of the call upon our lives as ministers. We believe it’s important that those who apply are already walking in a measure of personal holiness before they arrive on campus. We are not a recovery or discipleship school for those who are recently recovering from substance abuse. If you are recently recovering from an immoral lifestyle or do not have a commitment to character and integrity, then we are not the school for you and God has a different assignment for you. If you are in agreement with the expectations above, please continue to fill out the application below. We believe that by you honestly answering these questions, it is mutually beneficial to you and to us in determining whether The Altar School is the right fit for you. NOTE: Answering “yes” to the following questions does NOT automatically disqualify you from being accepted into the school.

Spiritual History

Please explain your experience
Please list the pastor's reference first and last name, and their phone number.

ASM And You

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